College Planning

June 26, 2020

We are seeing regular updates right now about what college may look like for students this fall. Obviously there is a lot in the air with COVID-19, and how schools are choosing to handle in person versus online learning. But not matter how they address it, the reality is that there is a corresponding cost involved and planning needed to fund that cost.

Here are two excellent articles that we have found regarding college planning with Section 529 plans:

Tips For Getting The Most Benefit From A 529 Plan

Saving In A 529 Plan While Your Child Is In College

We hope you enjoy these articles, and please let us know if you have any questions about them.

Finally, here is another musical selection that I thought you would find interesting. Many of us know that Nick Jonas was in the Jonas Brothers, and now is a guest coach on The Voice. But did you know he once performed in the London reprisal of Les Miserables? Here's a clip:

Nick Jonas - Les Miserables

The whole show can occasionally be found on PBS, and it's a very different set design from what you may have seen when they tour. Les Mis is still one of my favorites of all time.

All of us at RDFA hope you have a great weekend.