Vision & Values

The words below have been carefully crafted to reflect what we believe in as a company, and how we aim to live our lives both personally and professionally.  They represent our core beliefs, or compass, when making decisions.  We hope they resonate with you.

Vision Statement

We will seek out clients for whom we can serve as their trusted advisor, attending to the details of their financial life as it moves forward.  We will learn about their history, and help them clarify their goals, values and dreams, rather than simply inquiring about their balance sheet.  We will develop a personal insight into their lives as well as the role money plays for them.  By adding our professional financial planning and investment management expertise and wisdom, we will serve as a coach to assist in reaching their personal goals and recognizing financial peace of mind.

We will also seek opportunities to better the financial planning industry by educating other financial advisors across the country.  By sharing our knowledge, we will help create an environment where more clients can be effectively served by an increasing number of advisors offering comprehensive financial planning and adhering to a fiduciary standard.

Value Statement

Our core values will lead us in all that we do, including how we interact with our clients, other professional advisors and our communities.

  • To participate in a meaningful way in the lives of others.
  • To develop deep relationships with our clients so that we can help them live more fulfilled lives.
  • To provide wealth management advice that is rooted in being comprehensive and holistic, as well as Fee-Only.
  • To always adhere to a fiduciary standard when working with our clients, so that their interests are placed first.
  • To operate our business in a manner that upholds our emphasis that faith and family always come first.
  • To give back to our local and national communities through philanthropic endeavors utilizing our time, talent and treasure.


We don’t believe market timing and beating the market works over the long haul, so our investment strategy includes strategic asset allocation to build a portfolio tailored to your needs, goals and dreams.  We will take you through different investment scenarios with different risk-tolerances to help you make the best decisions that are right for you.  We won’t rashly react to the market, and we will work alongside you to help keep your focus on the long-term, bigger picture also.

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