Fee Schedule

RDFA offers ongoing Wealth Management services on a fee-only basis.  This wealth management fee is based upon your assets under management.  The wealth management fee schedule is as follows:

Assets Under Management

On the first $1,000,000

On the next $1,500,000

On the next $2,500,000

Above $5,000,000

Annualized Fee





RDFA reserves the right to vary its fees upon such factors as the size of the account, the complexity of the portfolio, the extent of the activity needed to manage the account, or other reasons agreed upon by RDFA and Client.  Additionally, Client and RDFA may agree to carve-out certain assets from the fee calculation if the asset meets the following terms:  The asset is valued at over $100,000 and is at least 10% of Client’s assets under management.  Furthermore, RDFA does not bill on Schwab Charitable Donor Advisor Fund accounts.

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