Our Clientele

We work with clients who want to engage with an advisory team to assist them with all of their financial planning and investment management needs.  These clients are generally delegators who have embraced working with a fee-only, fiduciary-based advisor who puts their interest first and does not sell commissionable products.

We have two distinct categories of clients.  The first is our NextGen Accumulators - those younger clients who are in their wealth accumulation stage and need a trusted partner to guide them.  The services offered are designed to guide the next generation through their early years, and towards a path of affluence.  This streamlined approach will help them touch on all areas of their financial planning life in an actionable way, and with a trusted advisor guiding them.

Our second, and predominant, category is our Wealth Management clients.  These clients generally have a level of complication in their financial affairs which leads to hiring a professional advisory team to assist them.  Wealth Management clients generally have a liquid net worth of $500,000 and above.  Most importantly, they tend to share a belief that money does not give you power or prestige.  Rather, it provides you with choices in pursuing your life goals and dreams.  With this segment of clients, we utilize a multi-professional approach with a primary and secondary advisor, and dedicated operations person.

When working with our clients, we are "on retainer" to them and encourage active communication regarding all facets of their financial affairs.  We are here to act as advisor, manager, counselor and confidant as they move forward through life.

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