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Whether your life has maintained the status quo or the unexpected has happened - leaving you worried and in a state of disarray - we can meet your needs.  As professionals, we have the ability to be an educator, financial planner, investment manager, and counselor – all in one.  We offer a safe environment to share your burdens and to get to the heart of your concerns.  From divorcees and widowers to financial heirs and families, our services appeal to a wide variety of clients.  You can review our Client Case Studies below to gain a better sense of the type of people that we work with.

The clients who work best with us are the “delegators” instead of the “validators.”  Delegators want to ask for our advice and often take a different path to achieve different results.  The validators do not want advice, just the peace of mind that what they have been doing is “working.”  We can worry about the things you either don’t have time to worry about, or don’t know you need to worry about.  When it comes to your goals and dreams, we take you from asking “how can we” to “when can we.”  It’s a paradigm shift that makes all the difference in how you are able to live, taking you from survival toward self-actualization.  Once you’ve created space that is free from worry and stress relating to your finances, you will be amazed how much more time you have to spend time with family or to do the things you enjoy doing.  It is possible to go from high-paying, low-satisfaction work to low-paying, high-satisfaction work and still do the things in life you enjoy.  And that’s what we are about: enjoying life.

Clients seek our services when they either don’t have the skills to fully manage their assets, or have the skills but don’t have the time.  Clients also must have a minimum liquid net worth of $500,000 or higher.  Liquid net worth for most people means "investable assets," but some may have items such as closely held business interests or investment real estate included as well.  A person's primary residence is not included in this definition.  If this doesn’t fit your situation, feel free to call us anyway and we can direct you to a firm that may be right for you.  Otherwise, contact us today for your complimentary consultation.

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