Corporate History

Client Centered

After careers in other aspects of the delivery of financial advice, John Ritter and Jeff Daniher met in 1998.  They quickly discovered that their ideals of how a business should be run and how clients should be served were nearly identical.  Within months they decided that they wanted to “hang a shingle” and start their own firm – with the goal of being known as one of the finest financial advisory firms both locally and nationally.  On July 23, 1999, Ritter Daniher Financial Advisory was launched.

From the beginning of their firm, they focused on offering comprehensive financial advice and investment management services to individuals that were looking for a professional partner.  They also stressed that the providers of financial advice could never be seen as true professionals unless they practiced with full disclosure of compensation, and full disclosure of conflicts of interest.  This was, and still is, one of the best ways for the consumer to determine if they are working with a financial advisor or a financial salesperson.

John and Jeff have been referenced often as leaders in promoting a Fiduciary standard in the industry.  They believe that the consumer should demand that all advisors adhere to a fiduciary standard, meaning that they legally are obligated to place their client’s interests ahead of their own at all times.  This industry leadership has resulted in numerous speaking engagements with the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and TD Ameritrade Institutional, among others, as well as the opportunity to serve as co-chairs of the 2008 NAPFA National Conference.  Educating others within the industry on how they can better serve their clients, and better enhance the respect of the profession at large, is part of the mission of RDFA.

RDFA has expanded further through strategic acquisitions of two financial planning firms.  Not only did these acquisitions bring additional clients for the firm to serve, but it also brought additional team members.  The firm now stands at 9 people total, with four Certified Financial Planners.  John and Jeff continue to look for talented individuals who might want to partner with RDFA.

In its 24 years, RDFA has gone from an idea on a business plan, to a successful, nationally recognized firm serving more than 320 clients, and managing nearly $520,000,000 (as of 7/31/2023).  How have they done this?  It has happened through a passionate belief in the benefits of a Fee-Only compensation method, and upholding a Fiduciary standard in all dealings with a client.

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