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Operating on a fee-only basis is in keeping with the objective, independent, client-centered approach we take with your financial affairs.  Fee-only planning is also in keeping with our role as your financial fiduciary - which means putting your needs above all else.

As your fiduciary, we must meet a higher standard in matching your needs to a specific financial plan, which is higher than the "suitability" standard set for commission-based registered representatives.  In other words, our advice is given in your best interest.

We can use any investment product we choose for your portfolio.  We will only suggest trades when they suit your needs and goals, and we can discuss and analyze financial issues that may not relate to any specific product.

Ask yourself:

  • Have you defined what a secure retirement will look like?  Are you meeting your goals to reach this?
  • Is your portfolio appropriately diversified, utilizing cost effective investment vehicles?
  • How often are you rebalancing your investment holdings in order to maintain the desired tolerances?
  • Are you maximizing your tax planning opportunities and minimizing unnecessary tax penalties?
  • Do you know how to organize and optimize your charitable and legacy distributions?
  • Are your estate planning documents set up to achieve the goals you desire for your family?

True financial planning is about more than just investments and managing a portfolio.  It involves estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning and more.  It’s complicated.  But it doesn’t have to be, and that’s where we can alleviate your burdens.

Wealth Management

Ritter Daniher has been in existence for 24 years providing wealth management services streamlined to achieve your goals and answering these questions.  Our well-organized, ongoing reviews keep your plan on track, and are adaptable to your ever-changing life needs.  In addition to the above, we offer:

  • Personal Balance Sheet preparation ~
  • Employee benefit planning ~
  • Cash Flow analysis ~
  • Expense management planning ~
  • Debt management ~
  • College funding analysis ~
  • Insurance review and needs analysis ~

You can view our Wealth Management Service Chart in order to see a visual depiction of the services that we offer.

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